Data Recovery Tools Every Server Tech Should Have

Have you ever experienced losing your data on your computer, hard drive, or memory stick? If you are working on an important project and this happens to you, you will probably go nuts. More so if you are scheduled to present at a conference and all your presentation files, references and data are lost. This is a very bad scenario. Good thing you can prevent these unfortunate things from happening to you. There are two ways

  • Have a backup copy. You can upload your files online (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud email, etc) so you can access them when you need them. Only sometimes, you would have to connect to the Internet first to access your files through them. (Dropbox has an offline option.) Or you can bring two memory sticks or hard drives.
  • Have data recovery tools. Sometimes we forgot to do the first option or sometimes it is just impossible to have multiple copies of all files because it may require large storage space. So this is another good option.

There are many data recovery tools available in the market—some are free and some requires payment. When choosing which one to use, you would have to consider the purpose of each tool as against the cause of your lost data. I have chosen some of the data recovery tools which I believe are the most relevant and easy to use.

Data Recovery Tools

  • Windows Data Recovery Tool. This is one of the best tools being used to recover data from corrupt Windows. It is compatible with most versions of Windows and has a free trial version online.
  • Deleted File Recovery Tool. Unlike above, the windows may not be corrupted, only that you have deleted the file and could not find it in the trash folder. This tool is very good in recovering even those files that you have deleted long time ago. It has also a free trial version available for your evaluation. If you find it useful, then you would have to pay after the free trial period.
  • Photo recovery software. Are the photos of your family vacation in the Maldives last summer corrupted or accidentally deleted? No need to worry because you can still recover your precious photos through this tool. This is a wonderful tool that can recover photos from almost all types of storage—memory card, digital camera, memory stick, external drive, computer system hard disk. Yes, there is a free trial period for this tool, too.

Data That’s Been Lost From An External Drive – Can It Be Saved?

External hard drives are gold mines. This is where you put your movies, music and every important file that you may revisit once more. The best thing about them is that they are improving every year. With the latest developments, we now have SSD’s or Solid State Drives. They are just like HDD’s but they are faster and longer lasting. The only problem is that they are also susceptible to viruses and malware. These are some kind of diseases for computers which either deletes, changes or hides the data that can be found in optical media drives. There are many cases wherein files and more are deleted due to virus and malware. The good news is that they can be saved.

Data Recovery
External hard drive data recovery is actually a real process being done by computer specialists. With all the people losing their files whether from external disks or flash drives, this business is growing really fast. However, you have to understand that the people who are recovering data for others are actually specialists. Their job is something that people who can use computers can just do. This is why the money that you pay them is definitely worth it.

There are many ways to do an external hard drive data recovery. The easiest is to probably clean the drive. There are many malware and viruses that do not really delete files, but rather, hides them in a folder. Once you locate all the files that you need, copy them to a spare computer and clean them using any kind of antivirus software. Reformat the infected hard drive and simply copy the files back to it.

Another thing that you can do is to use a program that is specifically designed to recover data from any optical media drive. The only problem is that these software applications are expensive and you would not use them very often. The best thing to do is to just bring your external drive to a specialist so they can do the job.

One prerequisite in being a specialist is to understand why these things happen and have the experience in solving them. It is very important to understand the issue because that will actually dictate how the specialist is going to solve it. This might take some years of practice and study so if you are handling some very important files in your drives, better let a specialist handle their recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery Is A Lot Easier Than It Used To Be

Data on a hard drive is just as vulnerable as data on any other piece of technology. Unfortunately, most people fail to realize this; it isn’t uncommon for individuals to fail to implement preventative methods to lessen the risk of data loss. The good news is that even if you’re one of those unlucky individuals facing hard drive data issues, there are hard drive recovery solutions out there that make recovering your hard drive much easier than before. Here are a few steps that you can try when facing a hard drive issue:

  • Try Resolving the Issue on Your Own
    One of the foremost methods that you may be inclined to try is resolving the issue on your own. With all of the information out there, you may be able to adopt some preliminary tactics to prevent further data loss and to preserve what is on the device until you can contact a professional. Keep in mind that the ability to resolve a data problem on a hard drive device may depend upon the particular piece of technology and your own experience levels.
  • Contact a Professional
    A second – and a likely more successful – option to try is to contact a professional service that is able to resolve the problem in a quick and reliable manner. Although there are countless services available, researching, looking into the options, and checking testimonials will help to significantly narrow down your search. This way, you will have a much easier time finding a service that you can trust to provide you with the support you need.
  • As a Friend
    Finally, if all else fails, then ask a friend who has recently used a data recovery service in your area. As with the second option, you can always perform research to determine whether the service is the appropriate option for your needs. With the amount of technology at your disposal, you are bound to find a service that you can count on to help you resolve your data issues.

Ultimately, data recovery isn’t as complex as it used to be. To the contrary, it has become a lot easier, especially with technology that gives you the ability to look into data recovery services in your area.

The Worst Computer Viruses Making The Rounds

One Of The Worst Forms Of Malware: Viruses
Malicious software or malware is a type of software which was designed to cause damage to a computer system, a computer, or a network. They have been around since the advent of computers and over time, they have become more complex and more dangerous.

One of the worst forms of malware are computer viruses or simply, viruses. They are a form of malware which is designed to execute damage or any unauthorized action it has been programmed to carry out. Unlike other forms of malware such as Trojan horses, viruses are capable of reproducing on their own once they have infected a system. However, they require the actions of humans such as sending a virus-ridden document to an uninfected computer in order to spread.

The Worst Computer Virus Making The Rounds
Sadly, viruses are still being spread nowadays, though, with the presence of update anti-virus programs, their spread has been slightly decreased. Nevertheless, some still make their way around and cause a lot of damage. To date, the following are the worst viruses making the rounds.

One of the worst viruses which made its rounds in the year 2017 is WannaCry. Unlike most computer viruses which simply destroy or corrupt one’s data, WannaCry is a ransomware which encrypts the files of the infected computer and demands the owner of the computer to pay a ransom. It is reported that the ransom that victims of WannCry were asked of was in bitcoins. The more time passed by, the price of the ransom doubled with the accompanying threat that the files encrypted will be permanently inaccessible unless the ransom was paid.

Another of the worst viruses making its rounds is Conficker. This virus initially spread in the year 2008 but it continues to be widespread until now. It is believed to have caused damages amounting to $9.1 billion. Unlike other viruses, it has continually evolved and made itself invisible to detection, interacted with other infected devices, disabled anti-virus programs, and created backdoors in systems for other hackers to use.

The most current of the viruses still circulating in 2018 is Goner. Goner is a computer virus sent through an infected e-mail with an attachment of gone.scr and is designed to destroy the anti-malware software of infected computers. It has spread throughout a number of countries and is continually spreading with the police authorities still trying to figure out who created it.

Computer Forensics: What It Is, Why It’s Important

What Is Computer Forensics?
Forensics may be one of the most underrated and misunderstood disciplines because of the erroneous way people show it to be. Nonetheless, it stands to be one of the most important ones out there. This is mainly because forensics is being used for investigative purposes. There are various branches of it and computer forensics is just one out of the many.

Since people live in a world of technology today, it affects everything. There are numerous activities done on the internet and almost everything is made possible. Communication, transactions, interactions, and so on—all these things are possible thanks to the internet. Since people are making use of this—and take note, any type of person—it is possible that there are also wrong things going on or important things that has to involve an investigation. And because there are so many people who are into this now, this branch of forensics sprung.

To put it simply, this type of forensics still involve the collection of data for performing investigations. However, instead of being there in the actual scenarios, it is done by the collection, preservation, and analyzation of data from devices or any other related things. It is what enables pieces of evidence, recordings, etc. and those can be used now.

Why Is This Important?
The reason why computer forensics is very important because of the following reasons:

  • Many crimes are done online
    This is often referred to as cybercrime. There are loads of ways crimes can be committed online. For example, there are those who communicate online for their plans (investigators will be able to trace them) or the smuggling of items such as weapons, drugs, etc. is commenced.
  • It may keep an eye for potential troublemakers
    Did you know that certain phrases or words being placed in the search bar can be enough to keep the investigator’s eyes on you? For example, the word “bomb” may seem harmless but that may mean something else for these investigators.
  • Establishing credible evidence
    There are certain types of evidence that are perceived to be void in the eyes of law and digital evidence used to be one of them. However, once there is proof and forensics already investigated the case, it can make the digital evidence viable even for court proceedings. It enables people to get their sufficient evidence digitally in case they need them, thanks to the help of investigators.

Can You Ever Recover Pictures You’ve Lost From Your Phone?

Using a Mobile Phone
Mobile phone, nowadays, is really essential; they can do almost anything and you can even go out and live with just your phone in hand. So basically, they are really important in people’s daily lives. Here are some of the things that people can do with their mobile phones:

  • You can send messages and call your loved ones even when they are away from you.
  • You can pay for the things that you bought as long as you have access to online banking.
  • You can listen to music from your phone. You may listen in private or you may share your music with others.
  • You can work using your phone, as long as you have the right mobile application.
  • You can take photos of important moments in your life (or even not-so-important moments).

Since mobile phones are very essential, it would be really hard if you lost some of the important data from your mobile.

Dealing with Lost Data from Your Phone
There are times that people accidentally delete the data that our mobile phones have. If this happens, it can be hard for you and you would do anything that you can in order for you to recover those files. Some of the important files that you have on your phones are the photos that you took. Photos represent memories and if you accidentally deleted some of your photos, it can mean lost memories and you would not want that.

Once photos are gone, they can still be recovered from your phone so the memories that you have will not fully be gone. All you have to do is to look for professionals who can recover lost pictures from your phones. There are professionals who do this so you have a high chance that you will be able to recover lost pictures from your phone.

Asking for Professional Help
If you are going to ask for professional help in retrieving your lost data, make sure that they will really do the job properly. You would not want your case to worsen so you should read on the companies that you will ask help from. Furthermore, you should not trust free programs that claim to help in recovering lost files because most of the time they would not work and you may even get viruses and malware from installing one of them.

Do You Just Have To Throw Out Scratched Data DVDs?

Dealing With Damaged DVDs
DVDs, like all hardware, are prone to be damaged due to a number of factors. They can be warped or damaged because of excessive heat, excessive humidity, solvents, and magnets. With how delicate DVDs are, it makes it important to handle them correctly.

Scratches are one of the most common forms of damage which can occur on a DVD. This is often caused by mishandling of the DVDs as it is being inserted into a CD drive. Scratches can occur on the laser-reading side or the label side of the DVD and both, when sufficiently extensive, can cause permanent damage to the DVD and make it unreadable.

Throwing Out Scratched Data DVDs
The big question when it comes to having scratched DVDs is whether or not it would just be easier to just throw it away as the data in it is inaccessible. However, this would be a waste as there are definitely ways to recover data from scratched data DVDs.

Recovery of data from scratched data DVDs may depend on the severity of the scratch but in cases where the damage is not too extensive, the stored data in the DVD can definitely be recovered through the use of data recovery tools. There are specific tools for data recovery from scratched data DVDs which can also be used to recover data from flash drives and memory cards. All it takes is finding the right data recovery software.

Scratched DVDs can also be fixed or repaired. This may not work for DVDs with extensive damage but a scratch filler can be used on DVDs with small and short scratches. Of course, there are DIY solutions to fix scratched DVDs but one has to take care when using them as they may worsen the scratches. This is a good idea when you really want to keep your scratched DVD and have qualms about throwing it away.

However, if you have no use for scratched DVDs and there are no important data that is necessary to recover or the damage is too extensive to be fixed, then that is the scenario when it would probably be the best course of action to throw them away to lessen the clutter. But if you have files in the DVD that you want to recover or a movie you want to transfer to your laptop, recovering the data from them or fixing them to make them accessible again is certainly possible.