Computer Forensics: What It Is, Why It’s Important

What Is Computer Forensics?
Forensics may be one of the most underrated and misunderstood disciplines because of the erroneous way people show it to be. Nonetheless, it stands to be one of the most important ones out there. This is mainly because forensics is being used for investigative purposes. There are various branches of it and computer forensics is just one out of the many.

Since people live in a world of technology today, it affects everything. There are numerous activities done on the internet and almost everything is made possible. Communication, transactions, interactions, and so on—all these things are possible thanks to the internet. Since people are making use of this—and take note, any type of person—it is possible that there are also wrong things going on or important things that has to involve an investigation. And because there are so many people who are into this now, this branch of forensics sprung.

To put it simply, this type of forensics still involve the collection of data for performing investigations. However, instead of being there in the actual scenarios, it is done by the collection, preservation, and analyzation of data from devices or any other related things. It is what enables pieces of evidence, recordings, etc. and those can be used now.

Why Is This Important?
The reason why computer forensics is very important because of the following reasons:

  • Many crimes are done online
    This is often referred to as cybercrime. There are loads of ways crimes can be committed online. For example, there are those who communicate online for their plans (investigators will be able to trace them) or the smuggling of items such as weapons, drugs, etc. is commenced.
  • It may keep an eye for potential troublemakers
    Did you know that certain phrases or words being placed in the search bar can be enough to keep the investigator’s eyes on you? For example, the word “bomb” may seem harmless but that may mean something else for these investigators.
  • Establishing credible evidence
    There are certain types of evidence that are perceived to be void in the eyes of law and digital evidence used to be one of them. However, once there is proof and forensics already investigated the case, it can make the digital evidence viable even for court proceedings. It enables people to get their sufficient evidence digitally in case they need them, thanks to the help of investigators.