The Worst Computer Viruses Making The Rounds

One Of The Worst Forms Of Malware: Viruses
Malicious software or malware is a type of software which was designed to cause damage to a computer system, a computer, or a network. They have been around since the advent of computers and over time, they have become more complex and more dangerous.

One of the worst forms of malware are computer viruses or simply, viruses. They are a form of malware which is designed to execute damage or any unauthorized action it has been programmed to carry out. Unlike other forms of malware such as Trojan horses, viruses are capable of reproducing on their own once they have infected a system. However, they require the actions of humans such as sending a virus-ridden document to an uninfected computer in order to spread.

The Worst Computer Virus Making The Rounds
Sadly, viruses are still being spread nowadays, though, with the presence of update anti-virus programs, their spread has been slightly decreased. Nevertheless, some still make their way around and cause a lot of damage. To date, the following are the worst viruses making the rounds.

One of the worst viruses which made its rounds in the year 2017 is WannaCry. Unlike most computer viruses which simply destroy or corrupt one’s data, WannaCry is a ransomware which encrypts the files of the infected computer and demands the owner of the computer to pay a ransom. It is reported that the ransom that victims of WannCry were asked of was in bitcoins. The more time passed by, the price of the ransom doubled with the accompanying threat that the files encrypted will be permanently inaccessible unless the ransom was paid.

Another of the worst viruses making its rounds is Conficker. This virus initially spread in the year 2008 but it continues to be widespread until now. It is believed to have caused damages amounting to $9.1 billion. Unlike other viruses, it has continually evolved and made itself invisible to detection, interacted with other infected devices, disabled anti-virus programs, and created backdoors in systems for other hackers to use.

The most current of the viruses still circulating in 2018 is Goner. Goner is a computer virus sent through an infected e-mail with an attachment of gone.scr and is designed to destroy the anti-malware software of infected computers. It has spread throughout a number of countries and is continually spreading with the police authorities still trying to figure out who created it.