Data Recovery Tools Every Server Tech Should Have

Have you ever experienced losing your data on your computer, hard drive, or memory stick? If you are working on an important project and this happens to you, you will probably go nuts. More so if you are scheduled to present at a conference and all your presentation files, references and data are lost. This is a very bad scenario. Good thing you can prevent these unfortunate things from happening to you. There are two ways

  • Have a backup copy. You can upload your files online (Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud email, etc) so you can access them when you need them. Only sometimes, you would have to connect to the Internet first to access your files through them. (Dropbox has an offline option.) Or you can bring two memory sticks or hard drives.
  • Have data recovery tools. Sometimes we forgot to do the first option or sometimes it is just impossible to have multiple copies of all files because it may require large storage space. So this is another good option.

There are many data recovery tools available in the market—some are free and some requires payment. When choosing which one to use, you would have to consider the purpose of each tool as against the cause of your lost data. I have chosen some of the data recovery tools which I believe are the most relevant and easy to use.

Data Recovery Tools

  • Windows Data Recovery Tool. This is one of the best tools being used to recover data from corrupt Windows. It is compatible with most versions of Windows and has a free trial version online.
  • Deleted File Recovery Tool. Unlike above, the windows may not be corrupted, only that you have deleted the file and could not find it in the trash folder. This tool is very good in recovering even those files that you have deleted long time ago. It has also a free trial version available for your evaluation. If you find it useful, then you would have to pay after the free trial period.
  • Photo recovery software. Are the photos of your family vacation in the Maldives last summer corrupted or accidentally deleted? No need to worry because you can still recover your precious photos through this tool. This is a wonderful tool that can recover photos from almost all types of storage—memory card, digital camera, memory stick, external drive, computer system hard disk. Yes, there is a free trial period for this tool, too.