Data That’s Been Lost From An External Drive – Can It Be Saved?

External hard drives are gold mines. This is where you put your movies, music and every important file that you may revisit once more. The best thing about them is that they are improving every year. With the latest developments, we now have SSD’s or Solid State Drives. They are just like HDD’s but they are faster and longer lasting. The only problem is that they are also susceptible to viruses and malware. These are some kind of diseases for computers which either deletes, changes or hides the data that can be found in optical media drives. There are many cases wherein files and more are deleted due to virus and malware. The good news is that they can be saved.

Data Recovery
External hard drive data recovery is actually a real process being done by computer specialists. With all the people losing their files whether from external disks or flash drives, this business is growing really fast. However, you have to understand that the people who are recovering data for others are actually specialists. Their job is something that people who can use computers can just do. This is why the money that you pay them is definitely worth it.

There are many ways to do an external hard drive data recovery. The easiest is to probably clean the drive. There are many malware and viruses that do not really delete files, but rather, hides them in a folder. Once you locate all the files that you need, copy them to a spare computer and clean them using any kind of antivirus software. Reformat the infected hard drive and simply copy the files back to it.

Another thing that you can do is to use a program that is specifically designed to recover data from any optical media drive. The only problem is that these software applications are expensive and you would not use them very often. The best thing to do is to just bring your external drive to a specialist so they can do the job.

One prerequisite in being a specialist is to understand why these things happen and have the experience in solving them. It is very important to understand the issue because that will actually dictate how the specialist is going to solve it. This might take some years of practice and study so if you are handling some very important files in your drives, better let a specialist handle their recovery.