Do You Just Have To Throw Out Scratched Data DVDs?

Dealing With Damaged DVDs
DVDs, like all hardware, are prone to be damaged due to a number of factors. They can be warped or damaged because of excessive heat, excessive humidity, solvents, and magnets. With how delicate DVDs are, it makes it important to handle them correctly.

Scratches are one of the most common forms of damage which can occur on a DVD. This is often caused by mishandling of the DVDs as it is being inserted into a CD drive. Scratches can occur on the laser-reading side or the label side of the DVD and both, when sufficiently extensive, can cause permanent damage to the DVD and make it unreadable.

Throwing Out Scratched Data DVDs
The big question when it comes to having scratched DVDs is whether or not it would just be easier to just throw it away as the data in it is inaccessible. However, this would be a waste as there are definitely ways to recover data from scratched data DVDs.

Recovery of data from scratched data DVDs may depend on the severity of the scratch but in cases where the damage is not too extensive, the stored data in the DVD can definitely be recovered through the use of data recovery tools. There are specific tools for data recovery from scratched data DVDs which can also be used to recover data from flash drives and memory cards. All it takes is finding the right data recovery software.

Scratched DVDs can also be fixed or repaired. This may not work for DVDs with extensive damage but a scratch filler can be used on DVDs with small and short scratches. Of course, there are DIY solutions to fix scratched DVDs but one has to take care when using them as they may worsen the scratches. This is a good idea when you really want to keep your scratched DVD and have qualms about throwing it away.

However, if you have no use for scratched DVDs and there are no important data that is necessary to recover or the damage is too extensive to be fixed, then that is the scenario when it would probably be the best course of action to throw them away to lessen the clutter. But if you have files in the DVD that you want to recover or a movie you want to transfer to your laptop, recovering the data from them or fixing them to make them accessible again is certainly possible.